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    Sharon knew she was a writer when she was thirteen years old. One of her best friends from school had started attending services at the white clapboard meeting house. During the services the friend wrote a note asking questions and Sharon wrote back an answer. One Sunday Sharon finished her note just as the minister dismissed the congregation. Her friend said. We don't have to write now, we can talk. Sharon was surprised by the disappointment that flooded her body. Writing was and is comforting to her. She continues to wait patiently on the Lord with her writing, and is blessed with many Christian Writing Friends and a supportive husband.
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Finding Christian fiction the easy way

Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 12/18/2009 Finding Christian fiction the easy way
ACFW launches new free online resource to search for titles

PALM BAY, Fla. — With over 500,000 books published each year, it is harder than ever to find a new book that’s just right. A simple Amazon search in the Christian literature and fiction category yields more than 17,000 results. Consumers wading through the exhaustive, seemingly endless list of choices now have a more manageable resource to help them purchase their next book.

American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), the nation’s leading Christian fiction writers’ organization, is launching, a new free resource for retailers, readers, media and other Christian fiction fans to search for authors and books. The search engine allows users to sort by author, title, genre, topic, publication date, and target audience.

Cynthia Ruchti, president of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), believes this trusted, easy-to-use resource is a significant development in the search for Christian fiction authors and new titles.

”The idea rose from a roundtable discussion between the ACFW leadership team and Christian booksellers looking for a better way to connect their customers with great Christian fiction,” says Ruchti. “ACFW responded by rolling up our sleeves and creating a comprehensive database to serve readers, booksellers, publishers, authors, book club coordinators, librarians and others on the hunt for information and inspiration.”

The site also allows readers to learn about the nature of the content of each book. Each title is rated for action, conflict, humor, mystery, romance, spirituality and suspense, in addition to more sensitive issues like language, sensuality and violence. Users can also post reviews to the site and learn more about soon-to-be-released titles.

The database is the first of its kind and is not limited to books written by ACFW members. The organization is also working with publishers to ensure Christian novels by other authors are incorporated as well.

ACFW’s presence as the voice of Christian fiction and its industry prowess has long been recognized, and its authors are a mainstay on bestseller lists. is the organization’s latest effort to make finding the best in Christian fiction as easy as possible for fans around the world.

Quick facts about
* Book information pages include facts about the publisher, main themes, setting and the author’s other titles.
* A special “similar books” section offers other titles the user may be interested in reading.
* Users can create an account with their preferences, making it easier to find new favorites.

With nearly 2,000 members and 19 chapters in 14 states nationwide, ACFW seeks to promote Christian Fiction through developing the skills of its authors, educating them in the market, and serving as an advocate in the industry. Founded in 2000 under the banner of American Christian Romance writers, in 2004 the organization was renamed American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) to reflect its dedication to Christian fiction writers of all genres.

ACFW is headquartered in Palm Bay, Florida. Their advisory and operating boards work to give writers the tools they need to develop their craft, grow ACFW’s extensive publishing knowledge and secure relationships with industry professionals. To learn more about ACFW and their authors, please visit

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Welcome to Monday

Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 03/30/2009

I love Monday. It is the beginning of the work week. The day after I’ve been spiritually revived and the whole work week is spread before me. A clean new sheet of paper.

I am still waiting as characters auditon for the post of main character in my next manuscript.  Who will it be? What is her major problem?

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Advice from a Pro

Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 03/27/2009

I had a telephone conference from a freelance editor today. After we went through all the issues with the current manuscript she had a prayer for my growth as a writer for Him.

My desire is to write for Him and to help hurting women.  Waiting on His timing.

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Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 03/26/2009

We have a running debate on our writer loops about if we are a ploter or a panster, meaning we write by the seat of our pants.

It seems so great to plot. I have several books on plotting. I have read them all more than  one time. Hoping I will somehow “get it.”

And I do start to plot, have a rough idea of the path the story will take and then I start hearing voices. Voices I have to hurry and write down. Later I can go back and figure out where these characters were and what they were doing, maybe even what they were thinking when this conversation took place.

I was able to plot the beginning 1/4 of the story in  my last manuscript. I’d love to get further this time. So I have pulled out all my plotting books again.

I feel kind of lost since I finished both of the manuscripts I’d started. So now I need to get the next one or two going. 

I started with the main character in my first two novels. As soon as I found the character I knew what her basic problem was and was off and running.

And I don’t see a plot jumping out at me this time either.

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Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 02/11/2009

Not making much progress learning the site.

I’ve been checking out my friends wordpress blogs. That gives me courage to press on and learn how to make this work as well or better than my blogger account.

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Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 02/10/2009


My to be read pile

My to be read pile

My stash of books to be read continues to grow. 

I recieved two more to review today, so it’s a good thing I gave myself permission to read today.  I was able to pre-post two more reviews on my blog “I Dream Of Writing For God.”

I post a review every Monday at:

The other posts for the week are for encouraging and uplifting the spirits of others.

This blog is for my writing journey.

Reviewing helps me hone my own craft, and I enjoy doing it.

I got a little more editing on my manuscript today and will soon send it to an agent who agreed to look it over.

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My Writing Journey

Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 02/06/2009

We hear bad news about the publishing industry and writers are getting discouraged. But writers write. It is how we communicate. We write because we cannot not write.

I don’t know what God has in store for me. But I am going to enjoy the journey. When I went to my first writing conference I finally found people who could understand me. 

If you are a writer, I encourage you to find other writers. Not just for networking, but for friendship.

God Bless.

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Rosanna And Me

Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 02/06/2009

At the ACFW Conference

At the ACFW Conference

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Hello world!

Posted by Sharon A Lavy on 02/06/2009

This is my first post on my WordPress Blog.

I have a lot to learn about this site so please bear with me.

So far I have not found wordpress user friendly

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