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    Sharon knew she was a writer when she was thirteen years old. One of her best friends from school had started attending services at the white clapboard meeting house. During the services the friend wrote a note asking questions and Sharon wrote back an answer. One Sunday Sharon finished her note just as the minister dismissed the congregation. Her friend said. We don't have to write now, we can talk. Sharon was surprised by the disappointment that flooded her body. Writing was and is comforting to her. She continues to wait patiently on the Lord with her writing, and is blessed with many Christian Writing Friends and a supportive husband.

About Sharon A. Lavy

Sharon A. Lavy grew up in a medical family.

Her father entered Medical School at George Washington University the year Sharon entered the first grade. He earned his tuition money for by working the wheat field of Kansas with his father during the summer. Her mother ran a boarding house one block from the capital building in Washington D.C.

Sometime later, Sharon’s family moved to Maryland to get out of the city. Her parents, along with another medical student, purchased the student book store. Sharon loved to look through her father’s medical books, and during her school years she used them for her science fair projects.

The hospital setting became as familiar as any home. While her father finished his internship and residency in Sacramento, California, Sharon and her siblings explored the hospital on many evenings and weekends.

Carrying on the family tradition, two sisters, a niece, a granddaughter and a brother‑in‑law are registered nurses. A sister‑in‑love and three other grandchildren have also entered the medical field.

Instead of becoming an RN herself, Sharon turned her medical interests into writing fiction with at least a portion of the story taking place in a hospital setting.

Sharon writes Women’s Fiction with the theme, “From the ashes of dreams comes the promise of tomorrow.”

Readers of her books can expect to read about:

The deep friendship of women in a rural or farming community.

A medical issue and a hospital setting.

A puzzle solved.

A bit of romance.

Her debut book, Dreaming of a Fathers Love has a very large cat. Her Forgiving the Unforgivable series has a huge dog named Bear.

So far, her stories also include a taste of the Old German Baptist Brethren culture.

Sharon is a member of: 

           American Christian Writers (ACW)

           American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) 2010‑2011 ACFW Membership Officer

Member of ACFW Ohio (past president)

Member of ACFW Indiana chapter

          Faith Writers

          Romance Writers of America.

Member of Love Faith & Hope online chapter

          And Writer . . . Interrupted

        Sharon lives on a sod farm in Ohio with her husband of 60 years, who is her biggest supporter.

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