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    Sharon knew she was a writer when she was thirteen years old. One of her best friends from school had started attending services at the white clapboard meeting house. During the services the friend wrote a note asking questions and Sharon wrote back an answer. One Sunday Sharon finished her note just as the minister dismissed the congregation. Her friend said. We don't have to write now, we can talk. Sharon was surprised by the disappointment that flooded her body. Writing was and is comforting to her. She continues to wait patiently on the Lord with her writing, and is blessed with many Christian Writing Friends and a supportive husband.

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Posted by Author Sharon A Lavy on 03/26/2009

We have a running debate on our writer loops about if we are a ploter or a panster, meaning we write by the seat of our pants.

It seems so great to plot. I have several books on plotting. I have read them all more than  one time. Hoping I will somehow “get it.”

And I do start to plot, have a rough idea of the path the story will take and then I start hearing voices. Voices I have to hurry and write down. Later I can go back and figure out where these characters were and what they were doing, maybe even what they were thinking when this conversation took place.

I was able to plot the beginning 1/4 of the story in  my last manuscript. I’d love to get further this time. So I have pulled out all my plotting books again.

I feel kind of lost since I finished both of the manuscripts I’d started. So now I need to get the next one or two going. 

I started with the main character in my first two novels. As soon as I found the character I knew what her basic problem was and was off and running.

And I don’t see a plot jumping out at me this time either.

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